Resources for Specialists

EpiLipidNET is devoted to advance science and support scientists. Explore all resources the project has made available to researchers including open access papers and protocols.

Official Documents

Here is the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of COST Action CA19105

Here are the GUIDELINES FOR ACKNOWLEDGING the COST Action CA19105 in outreach and dissemination deliverables (NB: last update November 2023!)

Here are the EpiLipidNET templates for official communications: poster, slides, and letterhead

Here the official communication materials to be printed at your convenience (e.g., merchandising printing company, university or conference printing services):

For digital communications, you can use the following:

Open Access Methods, Protocols, and Tools

Lipidomics Minimal Reporting Checklist

Lipidomics Tools Guide The LIPID MAPS interactive Lipidomics Tools Guide is an online portal which covers open access tools with a graphical user interface for different types of lipidomics experiments to help researchers to construct a complete lipidomics data analysis workflow starting with lipid identification and quantification till advanced visualization and data integration.

Training Videos

The Network will make available “How to” videos for analysing lipids and modified lipids.

          Authors: Helena Ferreira,; André Góis, 

         University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal

External Resources

Here other useful resources on lipidomics and epilipidomics recommended by the Network:

  • MZmine lipid search module manual