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Network Meetings

5th EpiLipidNET Action Meeting

13-15 May 2024


More information is coming soon.

4th EpiLipidNET Action Meeting

10-12 July 2023

EpiLipidNET 4th General Action Meeting brought together the EpiLipidNET community at the School D’ingénieurs De Purpan in Toulouse, France, to share knowledge and to discuss new developments in lipidomics in disease and epilipidomics, lipids and metabolic networks, strategies for non-targeted lipidomics and lipidomes discovery, skin lipidomics, and opportunities for lipidomics: from the bench to the market.

The meeting had 93 participants, from more than 20 countries.

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3rd EpiLipidNET Action Meeting

21-23 September 2022

EpiLipidNET 3rd General Action Meeting brought together the EpiLipidNET community at the University of Aveiro in Aveiro, Portugal, to share knowledge and to discuss new developments in lipid identification and annotation, biological significance and identification strategies for epilipids, pre-analytical and analytical workflows for clinical lipidomics, and endothelial lipid biology.

The meeting had 123 participants, from more than 20 countries.

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2nd EpiLipidNET General Meeting

23-24 September 2021

EpiLipidNET 2nd General Meeting brought together the EpiLipidNET community to share knowledge and discuss research work fostering synergies and new collaborations across the network.
The meeting had 286 participants, from more than 35 countries.

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1st EpiLipidNET General Meeting

28 January 2021

EpiLipidNET 1st General Meeting marked the official presentation of the project and an opportunity for Working Groups and partners to share their ideas and most recent findings.

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Other events

Toulouse School of Lipids

7-9 February 2024, Toulouse, France

For students, engineers or researchers interested in lipids
Two days of courses on lipid biochemistry

More information and Registration here

Hackathon on data curation for model organsim

4-5 September 2023, Helmholtz Munich, Germany

This hackathon aims to bring people working with different model organisms together and perform the curation of draft lipidome databases for 2 to 3 selected model organisms on two days

Register here before April 15th, limited participants will be allowed (16 seats).

11th Workshop in Lipidomics

April – May 2023, online

The workshop will be divided into three online events that will take place via  Zoom on Wednesdays (14:00-17:15, Lisbon time) on the following dates:

  • April 12th: Lipidomics in Health & Disease
  • April 26th: Food Lipidomics
  • May 3rd: Marine Lipidomic

Full program here

iSLS11 –11th International Singapore Lipid Symposium

March 21-23, 2023

National University of Singapore
Organizer: Prof. Markus R Wenk

Our COST Action was represented by our chair Rosário Domingues and 3 Young Researchers and Innovators (YRI), Michaela Vondrácková, Tania Melo, Tito Damiani, that disseminate our COST Action, in a session dedicated to the EpiLipidNet. Tânia Melo has even won the best oral presentation.

We had 3 wonderful days in Singapore and had the opportunity to engage with researchers for different lipid societies and discuss trends and challenges. We would like to thank Markus R Wenk for being an amazing host and our WG1 vice-leader Amaury Cazenave Gassiot for all the support.

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COST Networking Event

June 8th 2022, 9h30 – 14h30 (GMT+1), Aston University

Corinne M. Spickett, COST Action CA19105 – EpiLipidNET WG5 leader, is a member of the debate panel.

This session aims to share practical information on funding opportunities for research and innovation projects as well as to provide an open space to bring together different research communities, public institutions and the innovation, scientific and technological sectors in the West Midlands to promote collaboration between them in pursuit of common interests.

Full program here

ECI Summer Conference

July 9th, 2021

Organized by the ECI committee of the COST Action CA19105 – EpiLipidNET

The ECI Summer Conference aims to be a great opportunity for young scientists within the EpiLipidNET network to present their work but also to meet and engage.

It also aims to be a time to exchange knowledge and ideas in an informal atmosphere for learning and discussions.

Full program here

iSLS9 – 9th International Singapore Lipid Symposium

March 1-5, 2021

National University of Singapore
Organizer: Prof. Markus R Wenk

The symposium will feature both onsite and online elements, sessions scheduled to suit all global time zones, and offer new opportunities for companies, societies and publishers to advertise and engage a growing number of participants from around the world.

iSLS10 will bring together international scientists along the following themes:

  • Precision health and medicine
  • Nutritional science
  • Healthy longevity
  • Cardiometabolic diseases
  • Infection biology
  • Microbiome


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Joint Workshops & Symposia

EpiLipidNET is part of COST Connect initiative

29-30 June 2023, Brussels, Belgium

On 29 and 30 June 2023, COST Connect brought together stakeholders and COST Actions in different disciplines working on cancer related research topics to inform colleagues about their work and activities, and to explore potential interdisciplinary collaborations.

For more information, please visit the COST website and Medical News.

EpiLipidNET and 27th Wilhelm Bernhard Workshop on the Cell Nucleus

19-23 June 2023, Prague, Czech Republic

The SESSION III: “Nuclear Lipids and Phase Separation in Health and Disease” is a workshop co-organized with EpiLipidNET.

Please find more information below:

Wilhelm Bernhard Workshop on the Cell Nucleus
Workshop co-organized with EpiLipidNET

EpiLipidNET and the Society for Free Radical Research – Europe

6-9 June 2023, Vienna, Austria

Our COST Action EpiLipidNET co-organized two Satellite Symposiums during the Annual Meeting of the Society for Free Radical Research – Europe.

The session “Multimodal Imaging of Stress and Inflammation” was co-chaired by Florian Gruber, leader of the WG4 of our COST Action and the amazing host of this nice meeting, with very interesting talks and fruitful discussions with international experts from a wide range of fields.

The session dedicated to the dissemination of the EpiLipidNET “The Metabolome and the (Epi)lipidome in adaptation to stress” was chaired by Rosário Domingues (Action Chair) and Valery Bochkov, engaging several young researchers and providing them the opportunity to share, discuss and improve their scientific work.

Please find more information here

Joint workshop of EpiLipidNET WG2 and Stratagem COST Action

18th October 2022, 3 pm CET, online

Co-organized by the COST Action CA19105 – EpiLipidNET in collaboration with the COST Action CA17104 – STRATAGEM to boost an interdisciplinary cooperation between experts from different research fields.

This joint workshop was organized within the scope of the WG2 of EpiLipidNET aiming to shed the light on the common points of interest between both COST Actions and to promote knowledge exchange to meet the gaps and challenges faced in both research fields.

Find the agenda here

18th Annual Conference of Metabolomics Society 2022, Pre-Conference Workshop: Clinical Lipidomics

20th June 2022, Valencia, Spain

The workshop aimed to introduce (1) the key factors that impact human lipid levels as measured by lipidomics, including biological (e.g., diet, circadian rhythm) and pre-analytical (e.g., sample collection and storage), and (2) the analytical techniques, and related challenges, for lipidomic analysis of human biofluids and tissues, including discussion of inter-laboratory comparability and reference ranges.The workshop was intended for metabolomics researchers entering or already pursuing research in clinical lipidomics.

Final program here

Joint Workshop of EpiLipidNET WG2 and the International HNE-Club

6th May 2022, 3 pm CET

Co-organized by the COST Action CA19105 – EpiLipidNET and Prof Sean Davies, Vanderbilt University on behalf of the International HNE-Club to boost interdisciplinary collaboration in the lipid oxidation and lipoxidation fields.

We were delighted to welcome the winner of the 2020 Hermann Esterbauer Award, Professor Yimon AYE from the Laboratory of electrophiles and genome operation, EPFL, Switzerland. She delivered the Award Lecture entitled “What we do in the dark: Illuminating precision signaling functions of proteins responsive to reactive lipid-derived electrophiles”.

Final Program

Ferroptosis: from Molecular Basics to Clinical Applications

16th December 2021, 2pm CET, online

Joint workshop of EpiLipidNET WG2 and Special Priority Program (SPP) funded by German Research Foundation – SPP 2306

“Ferroptosis: from Molecular Basics to Clinical Applications” meeting brought together experts from Europe and US whose research is illuminating the role of lipids and oxidized lipids in the molecular mechanisms behind ferroptosis, an oxidative and iron-dependent form of regulated cell death.

Full program here

Marine Lipidomics Workshop

5th July 2021, 14h30 – 18h30 (WET)

“Analytical challenges and application strategies”

Co-organized by the Plant & Algae Group of the COST Action CA19105 – EpiLipidNET in collaboration with the organization of the “Lipids in The Ocean” virtual conference.

The Marine Lipidomics Workshop aims at bringing together researchers, students, and stakeholders to share their knowledge, expertise, and ideas on the study of marine lipids, in a brainstorming perspective.

Full program here

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Outreach / Communication events

EpiLipidNET is contributing to European Researchers’ Night Europe-wide public events to raise awareness on scientific research and its impact on citizens’ daily lives in fun, inspiring ways.

When? 30/09/2022

Where? Health Research Institute La Fe (University & Polytechnic Hospital La Fe, A Tower, ground floor), Valencia, ES

What? Interactive workshop for kids (primary school age) with the aim of enhancing their understanding of the different types of lipids present in human milk, as well as their structure, function, and importance for newborn nutrition. Read more

WG Meetings

Working Groups meet every two months. Get in touch with the WG Leaders to join the next meeting.