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One of EpilipidNET’s main goals is to contribute to the wider public understanding of the importance of different kinds of lipids and their measurement in everyday life. To achieve this goal, EpilipidNET develops and disseminates content explaining the project’s scope of action and results.

Videos about EpiLipidNET

Welcome to EpiLipidNET!


Newsletters about activities of the members of EpiLipidNET:

  • July 2023 – In this edition we are bringing you news from several meetings and conferences in the first half of 2023 where EpiLipidNET members participated or organized sessions. Read more
     EpiLipidNET Action and we finally had a chance to meet face to face! Read moreEpilipidNET Newsletter 2023 July
  • December 2022It has been a wonderful and very fruitful 2nd year for the EpiLipidNET Action and we finally had a chance to meet face to face! Read more
  • September 2022Our GP2 is almost over and it has been a quite challenging, but a very good year for EpiLipidNET COST Action.  Read more
  • June 2021The next general Action EpiLipidNET meeting will take place (on-line via zoom; free of charge to everyone who is interested) on 23 – 24th of September! Read more

Talking about epilipids…

Podcast, press-release, and others by the members of the COST Action:

  • Medical News about EpiLipidNET participation in COST Connect: A platform for collaboration and progress in cancer research. “Amazing to see how many ideas come up if people with different background simply sit around one table and discuss possible solutions for a given problem. Diversity of expertise is the key!” Dr Maria Fedorova, vice-Chair of EpiLipidNET

  • Networking with Astromad.eu.We create synergies with researchers, projects and entities because collaborating and sharing knowledge with others is essential for scientific progress

  • Webcast presentation for the European Society for Dermatological Research by our  colleague Dr Florian Gruber (EpilipidNET WG4 leader), expert in skin lipidomics

  • A LIPID MAPS® Podcast hosted by Matthew Conroy who’s joined by Professor Laura Goracci (EpiLipidNET WG2 leader) to discuss EpiLipids. Available in Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts


Publications written by the members of the COST Action:

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