Integration of (epi)lipidomics with lipid signalling and mechanisms of action


Integration of the current knowledge on lipid signalling and modes of action with the focus on developing the expertise hub on lipid signalling mechanisms, mainly related to the role of native and modified lipids as well as their protein interactions in a variety of model systems, including cell culture and animal models. It will be based on analytical, molecular, cellular and biophysical approaches to tackle the mechanisms of action of lipid species.

Expected outcomes

  1. Collection and exchange of the model systems (cell lines, animal models; material and knowledge exchange) used by the network as a joint resource available to the EpiLipidNET participants
  2. Collection and exchange of the SOPs and expertise of analytical, biochemical and biophysical methods for the detection and functional assessment of lipid-protein interactions, covalent and noncovalent
  3. Development of a database on protein-lipid interactions and associated functional effects
  4. Integration of available data on lipid signalling and metabolic pathways
  5. Integration and curation of pathways summarizing lipid related signaling

WG4 Leader

Florian Gruber
Medical University of Vienna, Austria

WG4 Vice-leader

Egon Willighagen
Maastricht University, Netherlands